Dear Ms Lake

Please see below an exchange of emails in which you were involved in 2016. These emails show that the Cuddy Group were using the Heol-y-Glyn Development site for landfill and your council instructed the Cuddy Group to cease tipping in 2016. 

This email is also for the department within NPTCBC responsible for the publication of and/or the content of the "Local Development Plan", for the NPTCBC records and planning application P2020/0195.

Your records show that Cuddy's last approved planning application was in 2010 and the permission was approved with several conditions. It would seem that the conditions your planning department rightly imposed on the Cuddy Group changed their intended use of the Heol-y-Glyn Development. Evidence of this can be seen in the Geotechnical Survey which requires the made ground to be improved. Information from the boreholes provides evidence the land has been used as industrial landfill up to 2010 and from that date the group has also continued to tip industrial waste up until 2016.

Condition 27 of the 2010 approval stated that tipping should cease 12 months after commencement. Satellite images of the site readily available on line show that this is not the case. Your department and the local councillors of Glynneath are negligent for allowing this to happen. That the Cuddy Group continued to tip industrial waste on the site without attempting to improve the access road is evidence that their intent was to tip industrial waste as opposed to building houses. The company Primrose Homes is also evidence of this, it remained a dormant company (not trading) from its creation in 2006 to the Cuddy Groups demise in 2018. Primrose Homes also known as Heol-y-Glyn Developments Ltd did not build a house in the 12 years of its existence.

The purpose of this email is to provide you with this evidence that the NPTCBC have been negligent in allowing the Heol-y-Glyn land to remain on the Local Development Plan. In the 2016 edition of the LDP the land is described as "gently sloping". However the land is far from gently sloping, it remains a steep bank and is not fit for housing, satellite images provide evidence of this. The land is as stated in the surveys conducted for the Cuddy Group primarily industrial landfill and should be re-classified as such. 

Evidence of contamination can be found in the 2008 Geotechnical survey on your website. This contaminated land has been covered over with more industrial waste. I will cover the contamination of the soil in a future email.

I trust this email finds you in good health. 

Dai Richards

2016 email info follows

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Cllr. Del Morgan 
To: Dai Richards (sales@rugbyrelics.com) 
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 4:55 PM
Subject: FW: Cuddy's Residential Development Site, Glynneath.


See below Ė and Iíve forwarded your e-mail to them also. Hwyl,


From: Nicola Lake 
Sent: 29 April 2016 16:26
To: Steve Ball; Geraint Jones
Cc: Cllr. Del Morgan
Subject: Cuddy's Residential Development Site, Glynneath.


Cllr Del Morgan called to check what progress has been made with regard to enforcement action on the above development site. I explained that due to the complex planning history on site is has been a difficult site to investigate and establish which enforcement action would be most appropriate. I explained that Geraint had been visiting the site and was reaching a conclusion on the investigation just prior to me going on leave, but since returning from holiday I hadnít had a opportunity to catch up with either him or Steve on this site.

As Iím on leave on Wednesday, could one of you please contact the Cllr on Tuesday with an update on the situation. Thanks. 

Regards, - Nicola Lake

Team Leader Ė East Team Development Management.

Telephone: 01639 686737.

Development Management.

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

The Quays

Brunel Way.

Baglan Energy Park

Briton Ferry.


SA11 2GG.

From: Dai Richards [mailto:dai@rugbyrelics.com] 
Sent: 26 April 2016 20:09
To: Cllr. Del Morgan
Subject: Cuddy land behind Bryhyfryd

66 Brynhyfryd,



SA11 5BA


01639 729000


26th April 2016

Dear Councillor Morgan

I wonder if you could pass on this email to the correct department within the Neath Port Talbot Council. 

Several neighbours and I are concerned about the actions of the Cuddy Group on the land behind our houses. It seems that Mr Cuddy is intent on building mountains of soil which in the event of a storm may dislodge and create a flood risk to our properties. He has in the last few years diverted the stream which runs to the north of Brynhyfryd 3 times, each time closer to our properties. While doing this he is continually building a steep wall of loose unstable soil on the upper side. On speaking to Mr Cuddy about this he is adamant that it is his land and he will do what he wants on it. The mountain of soil he is building behind our properties is gradually attaining Aberfan proportions and is causing concern for all of us living in its shadow. Should there be even a small landslip then the stream will block, and all of our properties will be in danger of flooding. In heavy rain this stream is a raging torrent and would in less than 24 hours build into dangerous body of water. Other concerns are that he is uprooting well established trees, I know there are some protected ones within the vicinity and he is also disturbing the ground near an underground high voltage electricity line.

A source within the Cuddy group has indicated that the group have no intention of building houses on this land, that the land is of more value to the Cuddy Group as an area for waste disposal and the placement of houses on the site is a cover for the disposal of this waste. It is our concern that the Cuddy group will continually dump soil and rubble on the land until there is an accident or disaster. I would ask that the council undertake a feasibility study as to or not the land is suitable for housing.

I would also ask that the council undertake a risk assessment or investigation to ascertain whether Mr Cuddyís actions are of a dangerous nature to our persons and/or properties. I would also ask that they ask the Cuddy Group to delay any work on this land until this assessment/investigation is undertaken. 

Yours sincerely - David Richards on behalf of the following residents of Brynhyfryd

Jackie Lewis, 64 Brynhyfryd

Alison Mackay & Ralph Holland 62 Brynhyfryd

Gareth & Meryl Thomas, 60 Brynhyfryd

Russell & Lyn Stanley, 58 Brynhyfryd

Tommy Herring & Sian, 56 Brynhyfryd

PS - Photos are available if required








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