Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - I'm self diagnosed but I've ticked most of the boxes so I say if anyone's ADHD then it's me, or is it. I'm the same person now as when I was at school, I'm the same hyperactive, mischievous, sometimes angry, regularly defiant me. I'm 55 now, successful in sport, successful in business, a husband, father, grandfather, I still have the same genes. What's the difference between me aged 15 and me aged 55. I think there are two different factors. 

  1. Freedom - I work for myself.

  2. Understanding - that I'm different. 

Let's elaborate........ 

Freedom - From the age of 4 I was in an educational system that wasn't built with me in mind. I never felt comfortable at school, it's not that I didn't want to learn, it's just that I believe I was taught in the wrong way or I was taught the wrong things. I'm not stupid, I'm not lazy, post school I always passed tests with flying colours. I have a  thirst for knowledge, I want to learn things, I want to know what flavour every tree, flower, plant and bird is, I want to know how iron is made, how bricks are made, who built this, who built that. My mind is constantly seeking new information. I want to understand things. In school we were taught that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Perhaps I needed to know how his ship was put together, what the cook fed the sailors, which nails and joints were used, where the wood came from to build his ships, maybe I needed to build a model of his ship and go the place where he landed. School didn't do it for me and yes I was disruptive, I built musical instruments out of elastic bands and tobacco tins and I drew a funny looking car with teeth called the goofymobile. Now I work for myself and have the freedom to develop my business as I see fit and here's a link to my website  www.rugbyrelics.com  because the more links you have pointing at your website the better it is ranked on google. If I want to take a day off I can, I don't but I can if I want to, the main thing is that nobody's locking me in a room with 30 other kids and trying to brainwash me into learning stuff I have no interest in. 

Understanding - I didn't self diagnose myself with ADHD until I was 51 but I've always known I was different and as such have adapted the style of my life to cope with my differences. In other words I've treated the system not myself. Look at the last word in ADHD, "disorder", now look at this word "bollocks", put them together "disorder bollocks". There's nothing wrong with me, it's the system that has the disorder. The system couldn't recognise that I was genetically different and therefore needed to be schooled differently. They spent billions in developing an education system so they damn well were going to make me fit into it rather than it fit around me. I don't want to get political here because the system is never going to change and it would be a waste of time trying to change it.    

While I was working this morning I started watching a youtube video of an Horizon documentary about ADHD and am just watching the end, it's an interesting look at ADHD and I have a few observations..........   


The case of Liam - According to the doctor Liam has Oppositional Defiant Disorder yet there he is playing quietly in the background with the toys in the office. At the beginning when he is in town his Mum and Dad are calling him back and restricting him. Liam is an explorer he wants to get out into the world, he wants to know how things work, whey they work, who uses things, what materials things are made of, there are so may things to see and do yet his parents want him on a leash. Don't take Liam to town, take him to the woods, let him run, supervise his climbing. Let him explore, let him learn, let him ask questions then find the answers together. I'm watching the programme as I'm writing this and honestly I wrote the woods bit before they actually took him to the woods and 

In the case of the Charlotte with the 2 ADHD kids, when the psychologist turned up that could have been me because I use the list system myself and also used tokens with my kids. But it's interesting to note that in both cases the system was changed not the people.


The next video I watched was a series of videos of a lecture given by an American doctor, Russell A Barclay who wrote the book 'Taking Charge of Your ADHD, he made me depressed but I listened and he got better, apparently I have less in the front part of my brain than 'normal' people. Interesting stuff.


Another video I watched was about a kid Gordon Fischer who wrote his own school course, you could see he was interested in everything, he was like my long lost twin brother even getting up to watch the sunrise. That's what I'm like, interetsed in everything and it's difficult to remain focussed on one particular thing. 

More to follow............






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