Dear Mx Wilcox,

Thank you for your response. Firstly I would consider the course of action you have suggested to be inappropriate. If you refer to my question:

As part of this Subject Access Request, I have re-submitted 3 research report papers for councillorís consideration. They are now public documents so will the council discuss these 3 research report papers in public? - YES or NO .

You will note that my question is an INTERNAL one requiring only INTERNAL actions by Glynneath Councillors that only involve the Glynneath Town Council.

If you refer to your suggested course of action you will note that it involves EXTERNAL actions involving NRW and NPTCBC. The two organisations are the cause of the problem and I believe it to be inappropriate to approach them because as in previous instances I believe they will defend their stances, a generic denial of wrongdoing, and use methods of deception and the fabrication of information to hide specific incidents. Eventually you personally will bear responsibility because you have been advised that this is where your course of action will lead. If you refer to the following Corruption Coalition page we have made public, then you will see your two predecessors on there. 


The problems relating to the Heol y Glyn landfill site exist because GTC refuse to act independently in support of Glynneath residents instead they can be seen to be supporting NPTC corruption. Over the last 3 years planning department corruption has been supported by the twin hatted Councillors Knoyle and Morgan who continue to manipulate councillors and clerks to ignore these issues and support their political affiliations, namely Plaid Cymru and the Glynneath Rugby Club. It is clear from the GTC meetings that their only interest is in manipulating free money from wind farms and developments to the benefit of their personal ambitions. 

If you do continue with your suggested course of action, then would it be possible please for you to share the draft letter with myself and two of the members of Glynneath Residents Against Contamination who are copied to this email prior to its inclusion in the GTC meeting. Both Jennifer and Marie are former councillors. The reason I ask this is to avoid duplication of effort with respect to the historical information provided to GTC. The planning department has moved on from the documents submitted and approved plans that allow land that has been identified as having toxic waste on it to be moved closer to our houses. I refer to the planning approval P2020/0863 which bypassed the planning committee and has been supported by Councillors Knoyle and Morgan and planning approval P2021/0546 which is awaiting decision at NPTCBC. 

The only reason for the existence of the plans P2020/0863 was to remove the safety requirement for chemical testing. 

You may want to refer to the following video on YouTube which gives specific information in relation to the site. https://youtu.be/kXLC42f4hg0 

It should also be noted that NRW have stated that it is too expensive to move the same land to test it. As such, our main concerns now are with the contamination lying on the surface of the site that is potentially affecting residents because as previously stated the same land has had the green light from NPTCBC to be moved closer to the houses in Brynhyfryd. 

It should also be noted that the actress Ruth Madoc lives near to the site and her husband John Jackson suffered a heart attack and subsequently died. 


John Jackson is not the only recent death, several residents have died of heart attacks and strokes recently including three members of our group. 

If you refer to the following 2018 scientific paper in the British Medical Journal ( https://www.bmj.com/content/362/bmj.k3310 ) which identifies the dangers of toxic waste to public health in the causation of cardiovascular disease following exposure to contaminants including Arsenic and Lead. Both these contaminants have been found above the safety guidelines at the site and have not been remediated or classified in-line with the NPTCBC Contaminated land Strategy. 

You should be aware that as we speak Glynneath Town Council can be proven to have met all the elements of the offence Corporate Manslaughter https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/corporate-manslaughter and as such instances like the death of John Jackson can potentially be attributed to the negligent historical failings of the Glynneath Town Council. 

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to a complaint made to the Glynneath Town Council on 23 April 2020. Its on-line location can be found here:


I have also copied it below for ease of reading etc. I would ask that you ensure please that this complaint has been recorded in the Town Council archives. 

regards Dai Richards - on behalf of East Glynneath Residents Against Contamination group and Rugby Relics Ltd.

Email sent to GTC on 23 April 2020............

From: "Dai Richards" To: "Haulwen Jones" Cc: "GTCO-Glynneath Town Council" Sent: 23 April 2020 11:53 AM

Attach: 20080100e-IM-MKLI-CUDD-contamination3.jpg;

Subject: Glynneath Town Council complaints - the 2008 Council, Del Morgan and Simon Knoyle


Hi Haulwen - cheers - for the email I realise the GTC have no say in the matter but I would like the information I provided to the council to be recorded by the GTC because in 2-3 years time if contaminated slurry is flowing through my house I will be laying the blame anywhere and everywhere I can and chasing every avenue for compensation and retribution.

At present, I'm just laying a trail of information to make this easier for people to understand why if that day comes they find themselves at the wrong end of a claim etc. At the end of the day NPTC is accountable for the actions of their planning department because even if they are following the UK and Welsh government guidlines and rules, the purpose of the NPTC according to their corporate plan is:

"(Our Purpose Neath Port Talbot Council exists) to serve and represent the interests of its citizens and communities. We strive to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of all of our people" their values state that "We will conduct the work of the Council in an open and accessible way, ensuring we are properly accountable for the decisions we make."

and if Glynneath Town Council which is part of NPTC sit back and let adverse events happen to the residents of Glynneath without advocating for them as they have done in the past, then I'll be making sure that they are accountable too.

If this email sounds a little angry, apologies, it is not aimed at you personally, it is aimed at previous GTC committees and those present incumbants who waste money on flower pots with dick shaped trees to dress up mutton as lamb rather than investing in the social infrastructure of a dying community.

I've looked at the GTC website but I'm unable to find what the purpose or aims of the GTC are, would it be possible please to identify what these are for me please or perhaps the town clerk should make it their goal to place this information on the website?

I've copied this email to the GTC for the purpose of recording it on council records as a complaint against the Glynneath Town Council of 2008 who failed to protect the people of Glynneath by allowing a survey that contained information about classified Grade 1 carcinogens in the soil unchallenged, and I suspect unrecorded and unread. I've attached this information to this email.

This complaint also extends to the current day, 23/4/2020, because until this date both County Councillors Simon Knoyle and Del Morgan who are aware of contaminated land and carcinogens information have failed in their capacities as councillors representing the people whose properties either border on or are close to the site. They have refused to ask pertinent questions of the planning department and they have refused to provide information about what happened to the land in 2008 when it was identified as contaminated.

These pair seem to be supporting their wage packets as opposed to the people who they are supposed to represent. The following is the start of the health issues I am investigating relating to people living close to the site

TP3 - the nearest houses are less than 50 metres away and the occupants of one of the houses (I haven't talked to the other house) 2 out of 3 have cancer, the other one has asthma.

The identified poison at this location is Benzo[a]pyrene classified as a grade 1 carcinogen. TP5 - the nearest house about 25 metres away - two of the occupants have died in the last 3 years, one with a degenerative condition.

TP5 - My house is about 40 metres from this spot and my granddaughter was born two years ago with an unexplained mutation (my son (and his partner) both lived here not long before my granddaughter was conceived.

Again I would like it recorded by the Glynneath Town Council that on taking information out of the chemical survey in 2008. 80% of the current Enzo development was recorded as contaminated with 40% of that containing grade 1 carcinogens. NPTC refuse to provide information about what was done about this