24 January 1993 - TEAM


Dai Richards, Jeff Rees & Mike Cherrington win the Lichfield Military Half Marathon in 1993. 

The finishing time time was 1.12 something, Two of us could have run faster but we didn't, Jeff will be the first to admit that we helped him along a little for the last 3 miles, Mike and myself were reasonably fresh and could have run faster, battled it out and had an eventual 1-2-3 finish in the race. We would have done this in training just for the fun of it, just for the banter, name calling, one upmanship and the quest for personal glory. All this exists within personal relationships within a team, but this was competition, this was us, we were one, "team together". We started as a team, we run as a team and we finished as a team. But the one thing more than anything that made us a team was the leadership of the man in the top right hand corner, Barrie Smith. He took us to the event, he looked after our every need and he took the photo, and he says of it "this photo tells a story, it says


PHOTO 2 - I have tears in my eyes writing this now (19 October 2020) just thinking about this and the moments we shared as a team and I just wanted to share this moment with the guys, not just Jeff, Mike and Barrie but to all the terriers who worked together as team. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for making us a TEAM.
Shyaway................ gone


l to r - back row - Phil Norling, Nigel Orrells, Dai Richards, Barrie Smith, Lt Col Merfyn Lloyd, Jeff Jones, Cliff Williams, Barbara Mangan

l to r front row - Justin Hill, Steve Evans, Mike Cherrington, Neil Haddock, Jeff Rees, Clive Davies

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