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1 September 2019

A stroke of luck happened this evening as I came across an event on Aberavon Beach requiring a commentator, the world gibberish body surfing championships. The event was won by Papua New Guinean, Eggledoo Smank who was actually the only competitor that turned up. Well done to Eggledoo and the organising team for a superb event. A video was made of the even which can be found on our you-tube channel.




5-8 September 2019 - sunset on Aberavon Beach

85.jpg (184670 bytes) 84-ss-2019-09-05.jpg (167881 bytes) 5 September 2019 - Sunset walk on Aberavon Beach - I walked the shoreline again this evening and for the first time in ages spotted a couple of jellyfish. There were a ton of fish darting in and out of the shallow water including this rare type of dogfish (illustrated top left).
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6 September 2019 - The waves were quite large and this canoeist didn't see to be going anywhere so I got him in shot as the sun was setting. There was a lot of action happening in the shallows with couples hanging around, surfers arriving and leaving. My favourite shot is illustrated left with the surfer "walking on sunshire woooooohhhhh woooohh. 

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7 September 2019 - A big thanks to the kids in the skate park on Aberavon Beach for allowing me to photograph them as the sun was setting. 

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Once the sun had set we headed onto the shoreline and a walk in the shallows, there was a sea angling competition just packing up and heading home, with a ton of fish still left darting around in the shallows the evening sky pinked up beautifully for a superb after sunset glow. A glorious evening.


59-skp-2019-09-08d.jpg (241887 bytes) 8 September 2019 - Another big thanks to the kids in the skate park on Aberavon Beach for allowing me to photograph them as the sun was setting. Not a particularly good sunset but the scooting was just as good. Illustrated left and far right is Sam Jenkins.

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13 September 2019 - Sunrise & Swim Series - more to follow

13/9/2019 50-sr-2019-09-13-pen-y-fan.jpg (68528 bytes) Sunrise & Swim Walk 1 - Fan Hir ridge & Llyn y Fan Fawr
14/9/2019 49-sr-2019-09-14-mumbles-li.jpg (54591 bytes) 48-sr-2019-09-14-mumbles-li.jpg (74350 bytes) Sunrise & Swim Walk 2 - Mumbles and the Ferry Bend
15/9/2019 45-sr-2019-09-15-three-clif.jpg (71320 bytes) Sunrise & Swim Walk 3 - Cefn Bryn & Oxwich Bay










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