Council of Death Document



first provided to NPTC on 7/9/2020

GRAC  DRIC  NPTC  ENZD    A draft report submitted to NPTC for verification of information and the opportunity to provide counter evidence. The document shows that NPTC breached the 1990 Environmental Protection Act when they failed to follow the contaminated land protocol in relation to the contamination test and associated human health risk assessment in 2008.

provided to Glynneath Town Council and discussed in the meeting of 27/10/23

GRAC  DRIC  NPTC  ENZD    The document was submitted to Glynneath Town Council where amongst other questions, we requested the Glynneath Town Councillors to 'ask' 

3a - Please provide a detailed log of the due diligence actions you have taken in respect of this information received.



GRAC  DRIC  CREE  CCEX  ENZD An email chain between GRAC & Christina Rees ( CREE ), MP for Neath where we asked CREE to request a final response from SKHU at NPTC in relation to our document. The chain ends in the NPTC CCEX Council Chief Executive, Karen Jones discrediting DRIC, misrepresenting the EPA 1990 and refusing to provide any further information to the M.P.




From the front page of the document.....................

This report has been commissioned by members of the East Glynneath – Residents Against Contamination group.

The scope of the report is to verify the responsibilities and the actions of the Neath-Port Talbot Council when ‘contaminated land’ was reported to them as part of a Cuddy Group planning application in 2008 and to identify whether or not the council have upheld these responsibilities.

It has been prepared by Rugby Relics Ltd, 66 Brynhyfryd, Glynneath, Neath, SA11 5BA and this version is in draft form prior to publication. This report is being submitted to the members of Neath-Port Talbot Council for the verification of information and the opportunity to provide counter evidence to the information and allegations made in this document. It should be noted that the ‘personal opinions’ of Neath-Port Talbot Council staff members and councillors will be ignored and discounted unless supported by the relevant
evidence that supports these opinions.

Neath Port Talbot Council have refused to investigate the allegations in this document or to acknowledge the documents existence.



as at 8/9/2020

37.jpg (378338 bytes) The document was delivered to all members of the planning committee and the Glynneath Councillors Del Morgan and Simon Knoyle. 

The planning committee included Councillor Chris Williams, the former Glynneath Councillor whose wife died from unnatural causes, circa 2010  while living overlooking the site.

The following members of Neath Port Talbot Council were made aware of the breach in the Environmental Protection Act in April 2020 and they have
attempted to avoid accountability or have committed misconduct/malpractice themselves in an attempt to
cover up the identified malpractice.
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Steve Ball (Planning Development Manager) s.ball@npt.gov.uk 01639 686727

Ceri Morris, (Head of Planning and Public Protection) - c.morris1@npt.gov.uk 01639 686 681

Nicola Pearce (Director of Environment and Regeneration) n.pearce@npt.gov.uk 01639 686668

Councillor Rob Jones (Council Leader), cllr.r.g.jones@npt.gov.uk 01639 681253

The following elected members of the county council are aware of these allegations made to NPTC and are
refusing to communicate with the residents group (whom they are elected to represent) or ask relevant questions on their behalf:

Councillor Del Morgan (Glynneath), cllr.j.d.morgan@npt.gov.uk 01639 722300

Councillor Simon Knoyle, Glynneath, cllr.s.a.knoyle@npt.gov.uk 07968 386108 
20201022A-WB-NPTC-CLEA-statement-enzo 22/10/2020

Council Leader Statement

The council leader made a statement on the council website that was clearly corrupt.

Council Leader Statement on 22 October 2020 - CLICK HERE


The Pledge of Death



The leader's statement was followed shortly on 25 October 2020 Del Morgan & Simon Knoyle who added an addendum to the Council Leader statement that was clearly designed to discredit our document. CLICK HERE

FOLLOW UP - on 26/10/2020 we put in an FOI for the sources of their information. - CLICK HERE


YouTube video of this item

  The document was submitted to Glynneath Town Council where amongst other questions, we requested the Glynneath Town Councillors to 'ask' 

Councillors Del Morgan & Simon Knoyle the following question in relation to this document

You were provided a document prior to the planning committee meeting on
8/9/2020 that explained the process of how the Neath-Port Talbot Council
broke the 1990 Environmental Protection Act in 2010 when they failed to
investigate further the contamination identified in 2008. The same document provided documentary evidence of this breach. 

(Document attached:
20200816A-DO-EGRA-report submitted)

FOI - Please provide the following information:
3a - Please provide a detailed log of the due diligence actions you have taken in respect of this information received.

The Councillors refused to ask this question.

20201021A-EM-RICD-GTCO-fyi-epa1990-breach - full submission to GTC

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In an email reply to our MP Christina Rees who asked for a response to the Council of Death Document submitted to the Planning Committee and Glynneath Town Councillors Knoyle and Morgan in September 2020, the Neath Port Talbot Council Chief Executive Karen Jones makes an ad hominem attack on webmaster Dai Richards then she recommends Christina Rees to this website to see the quality of our work, an overview of the nature of our correspondence. The page she should be referring to are the Nolan Principles 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. She is the head of a criminal organisation that supports corruption.  

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28.jpg (423702 bytes)

Email reply from the Glynneath Councillor Simon Knoyle with an ad hominem attack on webmaster Dai Richards that included the following statement.....

"I (and previous Cllr Del Morgan) were subjected to a tidal wave of abuse, bullying, harassment, slander and libel against us which continues to this day."

"Christina - I am more than happy to come and see you and show you all of the email correspondence that I have and copies of all of the social media posts from Mr Richards in relation to this item, let me know when it is convenient for you."

It is important to note that libel and slander cannot be considered as such if what we say is not true. This is the reason why Simon Knoyle wants to cuddle up to Christina Rees. So that he can spin a web of deceit in relation to the things we have said about him. 

Here's a good piece of information that Simon Knoyle may consider as libel or slander.

Simon Knoyle is a corrupt public figure who through his actions is potentially causing the death of his friends and their family members and also members of his family.

76.jpg (86844 bytes) xj/76 20231207S-WBVI-GRAC-CCEX-cod-doc - COD doc purpose 
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    Partially worked on - There are many more actions that have taken place in relation to this document.