Although the placement of a planning notice on private property may seem of little consequence, a corruption coalition is formed between NPTC staff when they attempt to avoid accountability for this action. They are eventually joined by a councillor whose role is to represent the public and to regulate the NPTC staff. 

The coalition later evolved to form a more serious incident covering up the council's breach of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. The pairing of these examples show how a simple act of negligence can turn into a full blown act of corruption that is continuing to potentially endanger the lives of Glynneath residents.  

   06-20200319a-PH-enzo-planni.jpg (324526 bytes) 05-20200319a-PH-enzo-planni.jpg (335300 bytes)

The quality of workmanship in the placement of the notice and choice of materials provides evidence of an organisation that is not fit for purpose. The council tax I pay to Neath Port Talbot Council is paying for this task to be completed in a professional manner and the same group of people are charged with understanding the finer detail of a major housing development that borders my property. My investigation into the placement of this notice was more about understanding the qualities of the people who are in effect employed by me to run the council. 


19/3/2020 Email to Nicola Lake - NPTCBC Planning 20200319a-EM-RICD-NPTC-enzo3 - Our first mention of the planning notice was in an email to Nicola Lake, who we believe may have placed it there   - CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TEXT OF THIS EMAIL
29/3/2020 Email to N Lake - NPTCBC Planning

no reply so repeat questions

20200329a-EM-RICD-NPTC-enzo4 - 10 days later there was no reply so we followed it up with another email. The email was copied to Glynneath Councillor Simon Knoyle asking if he could establish the reason why Ms Lake had not replied and if the council have acted illegally.   CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TEXT OF THIS EMAIL
30/3/2020 Simon Knoyle - planning notice 20200330A-EM-KNOS-RICD-notice-end1 - Email from Simon Knoyle who replied with 'point taken' when it was pointed out to him the role of a councillor was to represent the community not the council.

When asked to clarify his position on not taking action on the matter the matter he replied:

"For clarity, my position is not to avoid making an action whatsoever. As you have stated, I am a paid Cllr here to act for and on behalf of the residents of the community I serve, however I donít have the knowledge or powers to determine whether the Planning Department have acted illegally or not. I will now seek legal advice myself on this matter and will come back to you ASAP." 

Councillor Knoyle never came back to us on this matter.

(This ended a series of email where Simon Knoyle refused to identify whether or not the planning department broke protocol by placing a notice on private property. Steve Ball continued to copy him in to emails so Cllr Knoyle was aware of Steve Ball's refusal to answer a direct question.)


1/4/2020   20200401A-EM-RICD-NPTC-ball-notice - On 1 April we received an email from Steve Ball who had taken over the correspondence about the planning notice from Nicola Lake. (the email was copied to Simon Knoyle) Steve Ball attempted to avoid accountability by taking the term illegal literally. 

I note your continued concern about the site notice displayed on the telegraph pole on your property. Clearly when displaying site notices the intention is to ensure that as many people as possible in the area would view such a Notice and this site along with the ten other locations chosen, were considered to be appropriate. I acknowledge, however, that you have since advised that the pole is in your property. I do not however consider this to be illegal as you suggest but if you think this is the case then you should take your own advice. In the current circumstances, however, and given the clear intent to publicise an application which you are interested in, then I would hope you would agree that displaying the Notice was in the public interest. - CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TEXT OF THIS EMAIL

1/4/2020 notice 20200401A-EM-RICD-NPTC-ball-notice - We sent an email to Steve Ball attempting to define the 'relevant' question in relation to the planning notice.

Are you allowed to put planning notices on private property without first requesting the permission of the owner.of the property?.- CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TEXT OF THIS EMAIL

2/4/2020   Steve Ball replied to our 'relevant question' email with a Reference Avoid Deception email 

I note that you have been sending in many emails recently on the above application, including requests for information. I responded to one myself yesterday about the site notice on a telegraph pole on your property, to which you have sent a further response and question -  - CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TEXT OF THIS EMAIL


We made a complaint about the deception by Steve Ball to Neath Port Talbot Council which was ignored. 20200507A-EM-RICD-plan-s-ball-CP1-notice - Dai Richards to NPTC generic email address. Sent by email a complaint against Steve Ball of the planning department. - CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS EMAIL (saved as a webpage then sent direct as a .pdf print of that page)

12/5/2020 61-20200512A-IM-NPTC-steve-ball-flat.jpg (641491 bytes)

20200512A-WB-NPTC-RICD-s.ball-CP1 - Ceri Morris to Dai Richards - Received an email from Ceri Morris with attached .pdf file refusing to uphold the complaint against Steve Ball based upon the previous complaint that I had refused. According to the document properties this document was written by Steve Ball (see illustration). - CLICK HERE


20200515A-EM-RICD-NPTC-griffiths-future-misconduct-report - Dai Richards to Craig Griffiths - informing him of Steve Ball authorship of documents. -  CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS EMAIL


The last correspondence in relation to the planning notice  Nicola Pearce, NPTC Director of Environment & Regeneration to Dai Richards - Many points covered but presumably the resolution to Steve Ball writing his own complaint resolutions complaint to Craig Griffiths. - CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS EMAIL



" Seeking and receiving information is a human right that can act as a safeguard against corruption, and increase trust in decision makers and public institutions." 

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