The Rugby World Cup has come and gone but the RWC programmes arrived on November 5th and I had about 2000-3000 to send out so I was a little busy in this month and I needed to stay focussed on the day job at www.rugbyrelics.com. I did a few bits and pieces which I am hoping to add eventually to this month.   


25/11/2015 - University Challenge - Questions for all (added 12/12/2015)

It was lovely to get out on this day and head back on a Walk Around Wales missed bit. On my WAW I hit Jersey Marine Beach and headed left. Since I did this they've built a new University Campus, it's BIG................

Back to the walk and there were two reasons I wanted to do this walk. 

1 - It's part of the coastline I haven't done before

2 - They are supposedly building a tidal lagoon here, the first of it's kind, harnessing the tides to create energy so the next time I'm here it may be for swimming rather than walking. The Bristol Channel of course has the 2nd highest tidal range in the world, next to the Bay of something beginning with F in Canada. There were so many questions raised on this walk, I think that's probably the reason they've built the university there to house plenty of professors, men with answers. Here goes for today's kwestions.

1. How do you spell question ?



42-palm-plant.jpg (360845 bytes) 32-skate-egg-case2.jpg (205976 bytes) 31-fish-egg-case.jpg (280785 bytes) 30-skate-egg-case.jpg (199991 bytes) 26-plant-rainbow-cropped.jpg (202723 bytes) 41-australia-tree-holy-moun.jpg (244776 bytes)
2. What the devil is this palm tree like plant doing in Jersey Marine? 3. Who lived in this egg case? 4. Who lived in this egg case? 5. Who lived in this egg case? 6. what is this plant called? 7. Is this an Australian tree? 


Who lived in this egg case?........

3 - About 100 mm long I think is a Scooby Doo egg case, it's a bit Shaggy on the end. (Judith Oakley says Nurse Hound)

4 - About 40mm long I think is maybe a dogfish (Judith Oakley says small spotted catshark)

5 - About 70mm, a Thornback Ray........... I think (Judith Oakley says Spotted Ray)

that's funny because I spotted Ray the other day as well crossing the road............... 

There is an identification chart here at the Marine Conservation Society website  


I should have had a coin next to the cases and I did look for one but I only had notes and there was no way I was putting a 10 note on the floor that close to Swansea :) 

There were lots of rainbows on this day.

Bungle, Zippy & George had just gone out of sight when I took this shot.


It was also early days in the writing of my first book

"Understanding the ORIGIN & EVOLUTION of Sport

Volume 1 - Rugby Union"

During this month my focus was entirely on the writing this book therefore my walks and blogs were limited. To view more information about this book or to buy a copy please click on the link to visit the book page our sister website Rugby Relics.







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