It's good to be back walking regularly again and I've cracked  few gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in the last week. I'm not adding all the walks I'm doing at present to the website but am saving the route information and photos on file and the stories from the walks in my head. I'll add these sometime in the future. Meanwhile I'm going to try to add something from one walk per week to keep things ticking over.  


1 October 2018 - Craig y Llyn ridge sunrise walk

I took a walk on the local ridge to capture a few photos of the Pen-y-Cymoedd wind farm at sunrise. I followed this with walk around the ridge overlooking the lakes of Llyn Fach & Llyn Fawr. A lovely morning stroll before work.



3 October 2018 - source of the Rhondda Fawr

Parking at Hendre'r Fawr car park on the Rhigos - Treherbert road I followed my nose into the top end of the Rhondda Valley. There was no particular goal in mind except that I wanted to visit somewhere new. I ended up at the source of the Rhondda Fawr which is the river that flows through the main Rhondda Valley (Treherbert, Treorchy, Ton Pentre, Tonypandy etc). This river meets the Rhondda Fach at Porth before joining the River Taff at Pontypridd. I've assumed that the source is when two streams Nant Melyn and Nant Carfoesen meet at a man made pool. They joined to make the Rhondda Fawr and are soon joined by another stream Nant Garreg-lwyd. It was along this stream I walked to reach the source. I joined this stream at an interesting point, where the water joining it was flowing through iron rich rocks which discolour the water. Research has told me that 5% of all underground rocks contain rich iron deposits and that iron is easily dissolved in water. This would explain the frequent sightings of iron polluted water in this area. The photos are not the best, the autofocus on my lens packed up (this had to be replaced) and I was unable to focus properly. 

69-2018-10-03-route.jpg (240175 bytes) 68-iron.jpg (234306 bytes) 67-iron.jpg (470580 bytes) 66-source.jpg (222410 bytes) 65-upper-rhondda.jpg (232691 bytes)


7 October 2018 - sunset on Aberavon Beach

Tonight's walk was a miss and hit sunset. We missed the sun, we didn't see it at all despite arriving 30 minutes before sunset and then there was the hit. The higher clouds pinked up beautifully to provide contrasting colours with the low grey clouds. We bumped into Aled early on who was testing out his Stiffy kayak.  

64-aled.jpg (215215 bytes) 63-kayak-kernow.jpg (127968 bytes) 62-ss01-2018-10-07.jpg (165000 bytes) 61-ss02-2018-10-07.jpg (85983 bytes)

9 October 2018

49-terriers01.jpg (278520 bytes)

We had a gathering of the terriers for a walk from West Cross to Mumbles Pier & back with a stop off in Verdi's for refuelling.


12 October 2018

The weather has been atrocious for the last 24 hours and with the rivers in flood I thought it a good opportunity to take in a few of the local waterfalls. Just as the battery was fading together with the light I bumped into a few kayakers who were paddling the Nedd Fechan and then the Pyrddin. I managed to take a shots of them paddling over Sgwd Gwladys but with moisture my lens and a low light the quality was poor. I was unable to take photos at a high enough shutter speed to freeze the action so I settled on sports mode to get the best shutter speed possible. A good example of the low shutter speed is the paddler at the top of the falls, the background is blurred as is the kayak, not the best panning shot ever but I do like the movement in the photo though.

53-palm02.jpg (164834 bytes) 54-palm04.jpg (121613 bytes) 55-palm05.jpg (156014 bytes) 56-palm07.jpg (143042 bytes) 56b-palm09.jpg (149577 bytes) 52-yellow05.jpg (148976 bytes) 51-sgwyd-gwladys01.jpg (187208 bytes)


15 October 2018


You have to take your hat off to the Neath Canal Corporation for this fantastically well choreographed Christmas advert titled 'seven swans are swimming'. With Christmas fast approaching the shops and big companies are pulling out the stops. This line of Swans were swimming along as passed them on the bike on my way to Neath and half hour later they are still going in the same direction in the same straight line. I was disappointed to find eventually once I'd counted them that they weren't in fact an moving advertisement, there were 8 swans, nothing is ever perfect...............


18 October 2018 - Craig y Llyn ridge sunrise walk

15.jpg (84264 bytes)

Another lovely sunrise as I sipped coffee and relaxed above Llyn Fawr on the Rhigos Mountain. 


20 October 2018 - Rhondda pink

19.jpg (179483 bytes) 18.jpg (99971 bytes)  I arranged a walk with my son Dale and grandson Gethin this morning and timed my drive over to their place just before sunrise but decided on an alternate route via the Rhondda because there were more east facing views that way. Good thinking David. A glorious pre-sunrise showing of pink clouds was witnessed. I stopped in Bute Street, Treorchy for some down the high street photos before making my way to the Andy Capp car park for sunrise. Unfortunately this was happening around the corner so I got my legs into action and run about half a mile and just managed to catch the sun half way through its rising.      


16.jpg (99998 bytes)

I was rather hoping for a sunrise / sunset double helping today but we mis-timed tea and my food was on the table as the clouds were pinking up lovely in the direction of Aberavon Beach. 


21 October 2018

I went for another sunrise viewing, again in the Rhondda Valley but this time to Blaenrhondda Mountain and on the bike. It took 1 hour 45 minutes from home to the sunrise viewing spot and I arrived smack on sunrise, the angles were not the best and I didn't get much of a shot. The ride up the mountain was quite interesting with the top of the mountain covered in cloud. The route passed near the top of Craig-y-Llyn which is a 1500 foot climb from home.  







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