Dai's walk around Wales blog - July 2024

1 July 2024 - Election Campaign

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So I've spent the last 2-3 weeks walking around delivering leaflets to the people of Neath & Swansea East in the hope that they will vote for me in the general election. Today I've discovered that I've broken myself in the groin/legs area and have given up leafleting for the duration of the campaign.



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2024 General Election candidate video.


4 July 2024 - General Election

I've been laid up but not immobile for the last 3 days and this morning I shared my 'vote for Dai Richards' meme on FB which attracted the usual response from the FB public, about 80% for and 20% against. There was a rather negative response from the Trallwn Community Page Swansea and so I decided to work on my effectiveness when disagreeing with people.


It's important to boss your posts on Facebook and I like to make a point of trying to do so. One such comment linked Nigel Farage to a statement on the Brexit Bus saying he promised that leaving the EU would allow £350 million to be spent on the NHS. 

full FB conversation in relation to this topic - CLICK HERE

4 July 2024 

Half way through the day I had the following message from one of my team.............. 

My children today in assembly had a mock election and candidates, my 11 year old Oscar went on stage! And told everyone I’m standing for reform” and to Vote Dai Richards and reform, “make Britain great again and Time for a change” the head teacher said he was so passionate and Convincing he was brilliant! They were all chanting vote ��️ for reform

That's pretty amazing I think


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I met with Oscar and his brother Noah a week or so after the election.

4 July 2024 - result

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BBC link to results by constituency - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election/2024/uk/constituencies
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BBC link to results to Neath and Swansea East


00ac.jpg (309172 bytes) NPTC link to result & declaration - CLICK HERE
00ad.jpg (238628 bytes) Team at the count.


votes share in % swing
Carolyn Harris - Labour 16,797 41.8 -5.3
Dai Richards - Reform UK 10,170 25.3 +16.5
Andrew Jenkins - Plaid Cymru 5,350 13.3 +4.8
Samantha Chohan - Conservative 3,765 9.4 -18.8
Helen Clarke - Liberal Democrat 2,344 5.8 +1.7
Jan Dowden - Green Party 1,711 4.3 +2.6

7 July 2024

https://youtu.be/tBGT2eDUp10 67.jpg (343933 bytes) I have slow worms in my garden and I've recently changed from trimming the lawn edges with a strimmer to a shears to prevent less deaths of slow worms who tend to live there. As a thank you for the care I've offered to the slow worm community, I've been bitten by one for the first time ever. 






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