Enzo Homes, Heol y Glyn Development, Glynneath 

June 2021 Planning application



16/3/21 Decision approval P2020/0863 P2020-0863-01-decision - This document gives Enzo approval to remove 21,000 cubic feet of contaminated land from the Heol y Glyn site without testing. This is 4 months after the land was tested as contaminated. The day after this application was submitted, the chemical testing submitted for this application took place. 



17-chem-testing.jpg (999687 bytes)

p2021-0546-01-chemical-testing - (this chemical testing took place the day after P2020-0863 plans were submitted to the council).  The land has been tested and again found to be contaminated. The area tested is quite small and ranges from lower Brynhyfryd to Woodland Park. 7 out of 11 samples tested were found to be contaminated up to 9 times the safety guidelines. The six above safety guidelines chemicals which are all human health risks are:

Lead x 1 instance (guideline 200 / registered 260)
"There is no level of exposure to lead that is known to be without harmful effects." World Health Organisation -  CLICK HERE

Aromatic TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) .C8-C10 x 2 (34 / 77 & 39)
"health protection in TPHs-exposed individuals is a matter of serious concern." - CLICK HERE

Benzo[a]anthracene x 1 (7.2 / 9.6)
CLICK HERE - "a probable human carcinogen, for both oral and inhalation exposure" 

Benzo[b]fluoranthene x 3 (2.6 / 4.2, 4.8 &12) (benzo[b]fluoranthene together with other PAH's are known to cause human cancer. - CLICK HERE 

Benzo[a]pyrene x 3 (2.2 / 3.1, 2.8 & 7.7) a carcinogen - CLICK HERE

Dibenz(a,h)Anthracene x 7 instances (0.24 / 0.87, 2.1, 1.2, 0.69, 0.22, 0.63, 2.1
CLICK HERE - Dibenzo(a,h)anthracene is a mutagen and is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.


p2021-0546-02-application-form - Application form for planning



cond 36 notes

The following has been included as part of the submission:
• Soil Chemical Testing and Gas Monitoring Phase 1.
Given the position reached in terms of the site (i.e. being on-hold), continued gas monitoring and
contamination assessments have continued. The interim findings of the assessment are provided, but in short there is no significant contamination found at the site. The site is made of ‘made ground’ in a lot of areas and this material is inert.
The next steps are to discuss a material management plan with the LPA’s Contamination Officer –
we’d wish to do this as part of this discharge of condition application.

cond 37 notes

The following has been included as part of the submission: • Soil Chemical Testing and Gas Monitoring Phase 1. As forementioned above, the interim findings of the assessment of contamination at the site outline that there is no significant contamination found at the site. Therefore, and as mentioned above, a material management plan will be discussed with the LPA’s Contamination Officer – which we’d wish to do this as part of the discharge of this application.



p2021-0546-04-retaining-wall - retaining wall drawings


p2021-0546-05-cross-sections - cross section levels

95.jpg (235952 bytes) 96.jpg (270951 bytes) 97.jpg (166107 bytes)


p2021-0546-06-existing-watercourse - existing watercourses (missing one stream) 


p2021-0546-07-site-plan - site plan including surrounding properties


p2021-0546-08-proposed-levels - proposed levels drawing


p2021-0546-09-landscaping - a landscape plan for Caldicot Road, Ely on behalf of Encon Construction ???


p2021-0546-10-cross-sections - cross section levels lengthways


p2021-0546-11-construction-details - construction details drawings

    p2021-0546-12-drainage - drainage layout
    p2021-0546-13-cemp - Construction Environment Management Plan
    p2021-0546-14-highways - proposed highway layout
    p2021-0546-15-tro-layout - TRO layout - drawing
    p2021-0546-16-culvert-sections - culvert sectuions drawing
    p2021-0546-17-landscape - soft landscaping, trees & shrubs
    p2021-0546-18-highway-construction - highway contruction info
    p2021-0546-19-highway-layout - highway layout
    p2021-0546-20-water-catchment - water catchment - Welsh Water & NPTC documents
    p2021-0546-21-water-drainage - catchment calculations etc
    p2021-0546-22-crossway-sections - crossway sections
    p2021-0546-23-levels - retaining walls plan drawing
    p2021-0546-24-water-catchment - Welsh Water & NPTC documents - possibly same as 20
    p2021-0546-25-bats - bat enhancement document



73.jpg (449157 bytes) xn/73 5 June 2023 - P2021/0546 plans are still in line for approval at NPTC with P2020/0863 as part of the process, approved in 2021 allowing 21,000 cubic metres of toxic waste to moved towards the homes surrounding the site. 
72.jpg (260869 bytes) xn/72 P2021/0546 contacts on NPTC planning

Agent:  Mr Luke Grattarola
Email luke@gjplanning.co.uk
Phone Number 02920105360

Ward Councillor:  Cllr Simon Anthony Knoyle
Address 26 Ynys-Y-Nos Avenue Pontwalby Glynneath SA11 5LS
Mobile Number 07968 386108
Email cllr.s.a.knoyle@npt.gov.uk

43.jpg (369953 bytes) xm/43 P2021/0546 plans awaiting decision on 15/9/23



NPTC Planning Application Summary page P2021/0546 - CLICK HERE 

P2021/0546 - documents and information page - CLICK HERE




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